Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Felt food fever

I've caught the felt food bug! Cadence got a really cool play kitchen for her birthday a few months ago, and I wanted to make some food items for it. I knew the cardboard store bought stuff would not last with our children, and the plastic stuff just wasn't cool enough for her retro kitchen. I saw a photo in an older potterybarn kids magazine that gave me the inspiration to begin my quest. I started with strawberries.

Here are my goodies all set up- I love the way it looks in neat piles.

Sierra even helped me sew some of them. We made 18 little cuties.

They are adorable. Whats funny is that my son is more excited about playing with them and making strawberry pies in the play kitchen than my daughter currently is. Chef Jared, make momma proud!

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